Supercharge Your Local Business with a Free Google Business Profile

Absolutely! It’s always free for all local business owners, with no strings attached. 

If you haven’t yet claimed your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business), you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity to improve your rankings in Google Maps. This is especially valuable for mobile searches, as it helps people find and visit places near their current location.

We believe in empowering local businesses to thrive digitally

Google Business Profile, done right, can skyrocket your visibility in Google Maps, the go-to platform for customers seeking local businesses. Imagine your business appearing at the top of search results, attracting more customers and increasing foot traffic to your store, restaurant, or office.

Uncovering Waynesville’s Best

Our latest local Google Maps rankings for the WNC Community

Engage, Respond, and Excel

Your GBP empowers you to engage directly with your customers. Respond to positive and negative reviews showcasing your commitment to exceptional service. Address customer questions promptly and demonstrate your expertise. 

Building a strong reputation will foster trust within your local community and set you apart from the competition.

Drive repeat visits & customer loyalty

Your Google Business Profile (GBP) is a powerful tool that goes beyond just boosting your visibility in Google Maps. It allows you to cultivate a loyal customer base and drive repeat visits to your business. 

Here’s how:

1. Showcase Special Offers and Discounts: With your Google Business Profile, you can easily update your profile with enticing special offers, exclusive discounts, and promotions. This gives you a unique opportunity to capture the attention of potential customers and persuade them to choose your business over others. 

By providing these incentives, you’ll attract new customers and encourage repeat visits from existing customers who want to take advantage of your special deals.

2. Highlight Upcoming Events: Is your business hosting an exciting event, workshop, or grand opening? GBP is the perfect platform to spread the word and generate buzz.

By updating your profile with details about your upcoming events, you can pique the interest of existing and potential customers. This helps create a sense of anticipation and excitement, driving them to visit your business and participate in the event. 

The more engaged your customers feel, the more likely they become loyal patrons.

3. Engage and Interact with Customers: One of the most significant advantages of a GBP is the ability to engage directly with your customers. Respond to customer reviews, both positive and negative, promptly and professionally. 

Show appreciation for positive feedback and address any concerns or issues from negative reviews. By actively participating in these conversations, you demonstrate your dedication to customer satisfaction and build trust and loyalty among your audience.

4. Regular Updates and News: Your GBP informs your customers about changes, new products, or exciting developments within your business. Whether it’s a new menu item, a seasonal promotion, or an expansion of services, updating your profile regularly ensures that your customers stay well-informed. This keeps your business top of mind and encourages customers to come back for more.

5. Easy Customer Communication: With Google Business Profile, customers can send messages directly to your business. This can be incredibly useful for inquiries, appointment requests, product queries, or any other form of communication. 

Make your business the go-to choice for your target audience, ensuring long-term success and growth.

Start maximizing your GBP’s potential today and see its positive impact on driving repeat visits and building customer loyalty.

It’s a win-win advantage. So, act now.

At My Local Start, we’re on a mission to make local communities self-sustainable digitally. We understand that many local businesses aren’t taking full advantage of GBP’s potential. That’s why we offer this exclusive opportunity to claim your free Google Business Profile.

We’ll help you establish a robust online presence, enhance your visibility, and engage with customers on Google Maps in just a few simple steps. 

But that’s not all – if you don’t have a website or can’t afford one, we’ve got you covered. We offer a complimentary one-page website built specifically for your business, capturing the essence of what you do and showcasing it to the world. We only need basic information about your business, and our team will handle the rest. 

With no strings attached, you’ll unlock a world of digital possibilities and watch your local business thrive.

Let’s get started on your journey. Contact us today.