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We’re a senior marketing team with proven track record of getting top local and national search engine rankings.

And we are very serious about who we want to work with.

Our focus is always on delivering real, measurable results for our clients. Our careers have been nurtured from the ground up in a digital marketing and SEO agency. The three of us have worked with Fortune 500, Fortune 100, attorneys, digital marketers, nonprofits and local business owners in the US.

Online marketing through website optimization is a dynamic challenge in today’s market. There are SEO scammers out there promising results they can’t deliver. The people who work in the SEO business have been doing a great job rooting out those bad apples. But, sometimes business owners still get fooled. It’s not fair because it makes it harder for the good people in the SEO business to be trusted.

That’s why we spend time talking to our clients.

We would love to chat with you to get a better understanding of your expectations when it comes to SEO.
We want to know what you already know, what you hope SEO will do for your website, and how soon you expect to see results.
It’s important for us to stress that SEO is, first, about driving traffic to your website. However, turning that traffic into conversions or leads requires a well-rounded approach, taking into account a variety of factors.
We’ll help you get there. How slow or how fast, that’s all up to you.

We’ll brainstorm with you to create the right custom SEO marketing strategy for your business. Our strategy typically involves a deep dive into keyword study, unique content creation, and a backlink building plan to help you beat your other online competitors.

Get to know us and discover how we can help you take your business to the top of Google search results.

Let’s talk about how you can bring more customers to your door with better SEO.

Stone Reuning

25+ years in digital marketing

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Stone Reuning brings a wealth of experience and innovative thinking to the table as President and Founder of MyLocalStart LLC.

With a successful track record of launching several startups, including Tampa Bay Associates (TBA), SEO Advantage and Enjuris.com, Stone has a proven ability to turn ideas into thriving businesses.

His expertise extends beyond the realm of startup ventures, as he has also made notable contributions in the field of advanced decision support and executive information systems.

Stone has collaborated with organizations such as Ernst & Young and Amherst Associates to deliver cutting-edge solutions for some of the top medical institutions in the US.

With a passion for innovation and a commitment to delivering value, Stone is poised to continue driving growth and success at MyLocalStart.

Parichatra Reuning

25+ years in search marketing

Pat started her career at Deloitte Consulting in Bangkok, Thailand after completing her MBA from Butler University, Indianapolis.

Pat ensures that every aspect of a client’s custom SEO plan is executed flawlessly, from site architecture recommendations to content marketing and beyond.

Her attention to detail and dedication to delivering exceptional results has made her an invaluable asset to our team here at My Local Start.

When she’s not working, Pat can be found whipping up delicious Thai dishes in the kitchen, running a small homestead with her family, or simply enjoying life with her husband and son.

Gaby Zapien

25+ years in creative design

Gaby is the minimalist designer who packs a big punch. She’s been working as a web designer with Stone and Pat since the duo started their first SEO business in 1999.

Combining her technical expertise with a flair for the innovative, Gaby stays ahead of the curve by continually exploring new technologies and web standards that will keep your site awesome.

When she’s not doing those creative things, Gaby paints portraits.

Her portraits have been featured in gallery exhibitions, showcasing her talent for capturing the essence of her subjects.

Despite her busy family life and love for travel, she always finds time to maintain her inner peace through Buddhist meditation.

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