ChatGPT: the Beginning of a Better and Faster SEO

In the last few weeks, ChatGPT was and has been the hot topic in copywriting and SEO industry.

Twitter is flooded with hot takes, comments and lamentations on how this will end SEO or how to produce hundreds and thousands of copies with ChatGPT (follow and retweet and I’ll send you my secret sauce-type of tweets)

Is SEO now truly dead because of ChatGPT?

No, I don’t think so.

“SEO is Dead” has been circulating around for years and years. When people stop searching online then perhaps we can revisit this hogwash topic of SEO is dead.

Back to ChatGPT. If I were a copywriter, I would be scrambling to find creative ways to incorporate ChatGPT into my work NOW.

AI writing services have been in our SEO and copywriting industry for years. Advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques used by these writing services help make it easier for people like myself who are not native speakers to write faster….and with proper grammar 🙂

Growing up learning English, my fear and a lot of people who learned English as a second language can relate: if we run into an English speaker, they won’t understand what on earth we are saying because grammar….let alone the accent!

And gosh, I mix tenses and still do.

“Linguaphobia.” That’s the term for fear of speaking language. I don’t have that fear as much, as my skin is now pretty thick. And most native speakers do take the time to try to understand.

 That’s a big help. Some may look at me funny, but hey, I count my blessings.

Thank the Lord for AI copywriting and Grammarly.

You have probably heard of big AI content generators like:


Disclaimer: I am an affiliate and will earn a few dollars if you decide to try their products

I’ve tried them all. They really help. They just can’t they take over your SEO or your copywriter (yet).

They make good assistants. They don’t complain. They help generate some wonderful ideas.

As far as copywriting goes, that’s pretty decent.

In a dream world, yes, I click a button, and an AI comes up with 100 topics and then proceeds to write 1000 words of content for each topic.

The AI generates such an awesome headline that a big-wig ad agency would be jealous.

Then it proceeds to write subheadlines, provide statistics and data, break content into a bulleted list, add questions and answers, and whip up AI-generated unique images to go with my blog post.

To top it all off, this dreamAI adds internal links, uses all the right keywords anchor texts, generates my title tag and description tag, and mocks me that the keyword tag is a thing of the past, etc.

Then my dreamAI logs into WordPress and upload my post.

Rinse and repeat every single day until I end up with 100 blog posts in my first month!

After that, the dang AI starts reaching out to influencers and bloggers to establish relationships for backlink opportunities.

And it’s doing that while I was hiking in the Smokey Mountains.

If you’ve been reading to this point, you know this is a tall tale.

ChatGPT: a great AI, but it can’t replace a skilled copywriter or a good SEO

Automation helps. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-AI. Google maybe, at least, that’s the rumor.

Use it wisely, and it saves a tremendous amount of time.

AIs do not have the Human Touch. When that day comes, we’re doomed. That tsunami is building, but not today.

While AI models like ChatGPT have been trained on a vast amount of text data and can generate coherent and seemingly creative content, they still need to gain the human touch and intuition experienced copywriters and SEO professionals bring to the table.

The skills I have and the skills that other SEOs and copywriters have are difficult to replicate through automation. We have a better understanding of language, tone, and audience that is difficult to replicate through automation. We also have a keen eye for detail and know how to craft engaging and optimized content for search engines.

A good copywriter tells stories that evoke emotions: love, fear, hate, shopping madness…anything to resonate with the target audience. AI models like ChatGPT cannot fully replicate this human connection and understanding.

What about SEO? Will ChatGPT optimize my entire website?

Hell, no…

For us SEO workers, algorithms and best practices are constantly changing. A good SEO professional has the experience and knowledge to stay ahead of the curve and optimize content for search engines in a way that generates tangible results.

AI models like ChatGPT can generate content in the blink of an eye. You still need to personalize, optimize the content, and weave in proper keywords and internal linking.

AI cannot optimize your landing pages or your website. They are valuable but cannot replace the creativity and expertise humans like me, and other SEO pros have.

In the spirit of Mr. Liam Neeson from Taken:

I have a unique set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for those who underestimate the power of well-optimized content. If you need results, want your website to rank, and are looking for an SEO professional with a track record of success, then you’ve found me.

 I will not stop until your website is at the top, dominating the search results. Cross me (Let’s not go there. I am a nice person). Hire me, and your online presence will never be the same.

Corny, no?

If you like my Taken-style quote, that’s all me. If you hate it, blame it on ChatGPT.